What is the procedure to obtain certain services at the CRCC?

All requests for services should be addressed to the reception office at the CRCC.
You may self-refer yourself to the individual and the group psychotherapy programs, the specialized therapy for women survivors of sexual assault, the social anxiety program and the psychopharmacology/ psychoeducation program. You may refer yourself by calling the CRCC at 613-632-0139 ext. 4 (French) or ext. 6 (English). You can also download the Client Referral Form and return it to the CRCC.

Any other person in the community can also refer you for the above-mentioned services.
A family physician referral is mandatory to see a psychiatrist.
When the secretarial staff will receive your referral, a therapist will contact you for a telephone interview to find out more about your needs.

Where am I on the waiting list?
The waiting period to obtain services varies depending on the program you were referred to. You may view the length of time for the waiting period
You can also contact the reception office at 613-632-0139 ext. 4 (French) or ext. 6 (English) to obtain a general idea of the waiting period. Please take note that these waiting periods are not guaranteed, they vary according to several factors. 
Do you offer sessions on anger management?

We do not offer sessions on anger management at the CRCC.
You can contact Integra for Children and Adults of Prescott-Russell, who offer the counselling programs FOCUS-Men and FOCUS-Women.
 For more information, call toll-free: 1-800-675-6168 or www.seapr.ca