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President's Statement

It is with great pleasure and pride that I wish to pay tribute to those who have become a source of life in our hospital – our volunteers.


An organization such as this one depends on the generosity and dedication of its members who, by complementing the work of the staff and with their presence, bring that little something that enriches the hospital environment. They contribute to the humanization of care and to the improvement of the users’ quality of life.


Some volunteers work in our gift shop, which offers a variety of gift ideas as well as beverages, snacks and healthy choices. Profits from the sales have helped The Friends donate more than half a million dollars to the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital Foundation.


Several other services beneficiate from our volunteers: Patient Services, Palliative Care, Pastoral Care, Administrative help, Reception and the Youth Program.


Our volunteers are generous and dedicated people who like to help. They strongly believe that their presence within the voluntary action will make a difference.

There is nothing as wonderful and as noble as this!

Mireille Lauzon-Dauth