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The first group of Volunteers was founded on January 10, 1928 at the Notre-Dame Hospital in Hawkesbury.  The "Dames Patronnesses", as they were then called, were headed by Mrs. Rose Anna (Napoléon) Lalonde. Later on, the "Dames Patronnesses" changed their name and became the Ladies Auxiliaries of the Hawkesbury & District General Hospital. During those years, many women distinguished themselves as proud ambassadors of this volunteer movement.  Among them were Mrs. Omer Laurin, Mrs. Willard Florent, Mrs. Blanche Yvonne (Rosaire Gascon), Mrs. Laura Milljours, Mrs. Marjorie Proulx and Mrs. Gabrielle Miner.


In 1985, the Administration decided to further structure the already existing volunteer movement and gave Mrs. Carmen Cottee the mandate to coordinate it.  Following this, the internal coordination of H.G.H. Volunteer Services was assumed by Mrs. Sylvie Lefebvre, Mrs. Camille Rhéaume and Mrs. Manon Clément.  From 1996 to February 2010, Mrs. Claire Diamond assumed the responsibilities of this function.  Since March 2010, Mrs. Diane Forgues is now the Coordinator of the Volunteer Services.

The present organization of the "Friends" of H.G.H. was founded in 1989 and the following persons subsequently became President: Mrs. Louise Miner, Mr. Clément Tarzi, Mr. Lionel Piette, Mr. Gaston Charette, Mrs. Diane Carrière and Mrs. Mireille Lauzon-Dauth.