Emergency Department Process

Have a seat in the brown chairs that are in the waiting area. 
The triage nurse will see you shortly. 
Please remove your coat and have your health card or hospital card ready.

When the nurse has completed the  evaluation, you will be directed to the registration clerk. 
Following registration, please sit and wait in one of the blue chairs.
While you are waiting, if you notice a change in your condition, please let the triage nurse know immediately. 
If you choose to leave without having been seen by a physician, please let the nurse know.

When a room and physician become available, you will be called by a nurse, who will direct you to the appropriate treatment room. 
Please stay in the room.
A physician and/or his assistant will examine you.  Some additional tests may be required.
If you feel uncomfortable being alone with a physician, you can ask the nurse to stay in the examination room.
Make sure you explain your problem as clearly as possible. If you provide the wrong information, you may get the wrong diagnosis.
If your condition allows it, the staff will redirect you to the waiting room while your tests are being processed.  This will allow another patient to see a physician.
Monitoring the tests and receiving the results does take time.

The physician may decide to keep you under observation for a certain period of time. 
If you must be admitted, you will stay in the emergency department until your bed is ready.
The emergency is a noisy environment where lighting is required at all times. We apologize for any inconvenience this condition may cause.

Upon discharge following the physician’s assessment, please leave by the exit at the back of the ER. 
Follow the green squares on the floor to return to the main entrance.

As soon as you receive your discharge, please:
Organize the details of your return home.  You may have to stay in the waiting room to allow us to prepare the bed for another patient.
Follow the instructions with which you are provided by the staff.
Carefully read the information that is handed to you.
Make sure that you carry all your  prescriptions and any other document.
If you have any questions about the care with which you will be provided  at home, please ask your nurse or your physician.

Fast Track: The objective of the Fast Track service is to decrease wait times for patients who are not in   critical condition.  Two rooms are dedicated to FAST TRACK and this service is usually offered during peak hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week.)

Parking: The visitors’ parking is located on the west side of the Hospital, the daily rate is $3.00.

The smoking shelter is located near the east side of the building.  Smoking is prohibited within 9 meters from the nearest entrance.

Visitors: For confidentiality and space management reasons, ONLY ONE visitor per patient is allowed in the emergency at all times.

Personal Belongings: Make sure that you leave your valuables and personal belongings with a family member or a friend.  The hospital is not responsible for stolen or lost objects.

We ask you to not bring your medication to the hospital.  Please only bring a list of the medications you are taking.

Food for thought
The emergency department does not operate on a «first come, first served» basis; the sickest patients are treated first.
You may be seen by a physician’s assistant instead of a physician.  Physician’s assistants can examine and diagnose patients, but their work is endorsed by a physician.
We cannot tell you over the telephone the estimated wait time nor the name of the physician on duty.
You have the right to ask for a second opinion before you take a decision with major medical implications.
The HGH is an environment where courtesy and respect are required.
Emergency department physicians do not renew prescriptions.
Rest assured that any information you provide will be kept in strict confidentiality.  Any employee or physician who wishes to take a picture of you and/or your wound must obtain your written consent.
Emergency Department physicians will charge $15.00 to patients who request a sick leave note.


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