E.C.G. - Electrocardiograpy

In cardiology, we diagnose, evaluate and treat cardiac problems of patients referred by a physician.  Our team also provides respiratory services to diagnose.  A wide range of procedures is also available to patients who are referred by their physicians. Our cardiologist offers diagnostic and therapeutic consultations to patients with cardiac and/or pulmonary problems.

List of services:
• We perform electrocardiograms (ECG) to do a basic diagnostic test at rest.
• We use stress electrocardiograms (treadmill) to help diagnose chest pain, to determine the severity of angina and to confirm a cardiac arrhythmia under stress.
• We provide 24-hour electrocardiogram (Holter) monitoring to get continuous ECG recording for a 24 hour period in order to diagnose cardiac arrhythmia or chest pain.
• We provide a cardiac pacemaker clinic to verify if pacemakers are functioning properly while still implanted.
• Continuous blood pressure recordings are taken at regular intervals during a 24 hour period. Nota: The patient must pay a $20 fee for this test.

Do clients require a referral from their doctor in order to have access to your services?


Public phone number and/or email. :
613- 632-1111, extension 51205

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