ACV Clinic

The Stroke Prevention Clinic oversees patients who have been diagnosed with a possible Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) or a Stroke upon referral from a physician or a nurse practitioner. The clinic is located in the west wing on the second floor in our hospital.

The clinic consists of a secretary, a dietitian and a nurse practitioner.

List of services:
- Fast access to your health care evaluation, medical examinations and possible treatments.
- Possible referrals to other services such as: a specialist physician, a dietitian, the Diabetes Clinic, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, the Smoking Cessation Program, etc.
- Public education for you and your family on the signs and symptoms of TIA and stroke, the risk factors and tips to help you improve your lifestyle.

Do clients need a referral from their doctor in order to have access to your services?
Yes, click here to print out a blank referral for your physician.

Hours and days of operation:

Public phone number and/or email:
613-632-1111 ext. 52701/

For further information :Heart and Stroke Foundation:

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