During the past year, the medical staff of the Hawkesbury General Hospital has been committed to pursue the vision of the hospital. A significant amount of work has occurred over the past year to improve, structure and diversify professional practice.  
“A model hospital” implies not only standard but leading practices.  The Medical Advisory Committee took the opportunity to review and revamp the  medical management model after discussion with other regional hospitals. The lead medical roles underwent a review thus ensuring the right person doing the right job.  We have put in place policy development, compliance and education, and a streamlined medical recruitment process. 

We continue our commitment with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ottawa to provide facilities and a training environment that is valued by students and residents who select training opportunities in a rural community hospital setting.  Again this year, we have hosted many students and a few residents for their clinical clerkship which represents a total of 302 days of clinical education given by our physicians. This affiliation with the University of Ottawa allowed us to recruit four new physicians:  Dr. Elizabeth Gottman, Dr. Asma Trabelsi, Dr. Mélanie Hould and Dr. Émilie Daigneault.  Furthermore, through our recruitment efforts, three other physicians have joined the medical team:  Dr. Mathieu Courchesne, Dr. Nicholas Schirmer and Dr. Raphael Bielinski.

With quality and patient safety always being an integral part of the medical staff’s approach to care, our active participation in the Excellent Care for All Act, Quality Improvement Plan and the Most Responsible Physician’s Quality Improvement Plan will further enable us to “strive for clinical excellence”. Our ongoing partnership with the Champlain Maternal Newborn Regional Program has resulted in our hospital obtaining the highest score on a national comparison assessment on patient safety culture.
Some members of the Medical staff have also been active participants in other quality endeavors including the Emergency Department Improvement Program, the Operating Room Improvement Plan and other clinically driven initiatives that promote not only quality and improved clinical outcomes, but ensure a “culture of compassion”.

At the annual meeting of the Medical Staff on May 18, 2011, Dr. André Borduas, Dr. Julie Maranda and Dr. Lyne Arsenault were elected by acclamation respectively as President, Vice-President and Secretary.  Together with Dr. George King, Lead Physician and Interim Emergency Department Medical Director, we constitute the Medical Advisory Committee. I wish to thank Dr. Remi Chehade who assumed the position of ED Medical Director over the last five years and also for his participation in the Emergency Department Improvement Project. 

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all my fellow members of the medical staff, and recognize the “commitment” of all the health care professionals and support staff to make our Hospital what it is today. I also wish to acknowledge our partners in the community, Champlain LHIN and others for their support in our efforts to meet and surpass our vision.

Dr. Luc Chagnon
Chief of Staff 
613-632-1111, ext. 394.