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Will patients who receive a blood test referral from a clinician/consultant and/or physician from a service inside the hospital be sent to Gamma Dynacare?
NO, these patients will still be allowed to use our phlebotomy service, since the referrals were provided to them from an internal service/clinic. Only the referrals from clinics outside of the HGH will be sent to Gamma Dynacare (private clinics, for example.)
Are the local family doctors aware of the change in procedure for blood tests?
All local clinics and MDs have been informed via personal visits by the Hospital and Gamma Dynacare (in June and August 2010). They are therefore aware of the new process and have been asked to comply with the new regulations. Doctors who aren’t local but still send their patients to the Hospital have been notified through a memo.
• Why are Quebec patients allowed to go to the H&DGH for their blood tests and not those from Ontario?
The H&DGH does not receive funding from Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for this type of service, all funding goes directly to the private clinics like Gamma Dynacare. The H&DGH is therefore paying for your blood test out of its own operating budget; funds that could be used to provide better care in other services of the hospital. By getting their blood tests done at the Gamma Dynacare clinic across the street, they are helping us to efficiently meet their needs and those of their loved ones. Quebec patients are allowed to get their blood tests done here since they represent an income for the hospital. The Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services covers each blood test done by our hospital and we depend on this income in our budget.
As of September 7 2010, OHIP covered patients requiring blood tests are directed to the private blood collection centre (Gamma Dynacare). Why this change of procedure?
The H&DGH is currently the ONLY hospital in Ontario still offering this type of service to their clients. All other hospitals have changed their process in accordance to the Ministry’s directives and we need to do the same, since we are not funded by the Ministry to offer this type of service.
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